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Helix Racing Products Black Exhaust Wrap (177-14)

Price: From $27.99 to $69.99

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Helix Racing Products Black Exhaust Wrap
img-qind.JPG Helix Racing Products Black Exhaust Wrap. Please select size from drop-down menu.

Helix Fiberglass Cloth Header Wrap insulates exhaust pipes and maintains a higher temperature inside the pipes allowing all fuel to burn and create greater horsepower. Please note: to seal product from the elements and extend the life of the exhaust wrap, use Helix Very High Temp Exhaust System Paint.

Step-By-Step Installation Instructions

Step 1: Measure the length of exhaust tube from the exhaust port to the collector, for each bend add 8" to length.

Step 2: Cut exhaust wrap.

Step 3: Wrap material around tube starting at the end of the exhaust pipe and secure end of wrap with hose clamp or stainless steel cable tie. Wrap tightly with approx. 1/4"-3/8" overlap. If black material gets wet dye may bleed.

Racer Information: Because the carburetor is receiving additional vacuum, stepping down 1 to 2 steps in the secondary and primary jets may be necessary. Read plugs and adjust accordingly.

  • Please Select Size From Drop Down Menu
  • Available in 1"x25 ft., 2"x25 ft., 1"x50 ft. and 2"x50 ft.
  • Ceramic Cloth
  • Increase Performance by Heat Retention
  • Made in U.S.A.