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MRP Kevlar Belt 830/20-30

Price: $49.99
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Item Number: 830/20-30

MRP Kevlar Belt 830/20-30
KEVLAR BELT 830/20-30 250cc

We recommend upgrading the belt on all CVT units whenever possible

KEVLAR BELT 830/20-30 Diamo Retro GY6 150cc model 250cc Works on many Chinese 150cc, 250cc, 260cc, 300cc scooters, atvs and go karts 830 X 20 X 30 BELT RACING KEVLAR Premium aramid belts use very strong synthetic fibers embedded in the rubber to reinforce the CVT belt. The most widely known aramid is Kevlar® by DuPont™. The aramid fibers used in CVT belts have very good resistance to abrasion and virtually no degradation due to heat which makes them ideal for use on scooters, go karts, and mini bikes that have a continuously variable transmission (CVT)